Mezzanine Floor Systems – Maximize your storage space

Small businesses that are just starting out typically invest in a small storage facility/warehouse accordingly at the beginning. However, as their business grows, the existing storage space begins to outgrow the amount of material that needs to be stored. When more storage space was needed, the usual options were to move to larger premises or build additional storage space in the existing warehouse. Mezzanine systems, on the other hand, are an effective option that works best from all angles.


Mezzanine Floor Systems

Mezzanine floor systems – platforms or floors installed between the ceiling and floor – are a smart, versatile and easy way to create additional space in a warehouse. While used in retail stores, production and other spaces, the utility of mezzanine floors in warehouses is unmatched. From the standpoint of ease of assembly (and disassembly), versatility, customization, cost-effectiveness and additional space creation, mezzanine floor systems are the number one choice for many business owners who need additional storage space.

Mezzanine floors can be constructed from different materials and used for a variety of purposes across industries, making them extremely versatile and adaptable.


Advantages of the mezzanine floor system


Non-permanent and freestanding construction.

As freestanding structures, mezzanine floors can not only be erected quickly, but can also be easily dismantled, moved and relocated to another location. This feature is not possible for concrete structures.


Cost-effective storage solution.

Mezzanine floor systems are a very cost-effective storage solution compared to building new concrete facilities.


Ease of installation.

One of the biggest advantages of mezzanine floors is that they are very easy to install. With no complicated construction materials or procedures, and no need to damage existing facilities, setting up a mezzanine floor is easy and fast.


Create space inside.

The use of a mezzanine floor creates an entire extra floor in your warehouse that can be used to store additional boxes, crates and cartons on shelves. By moving boxes to the mezzanine floor, you can free up floor space that can then be used as office space or more storage space.


Highly customizable storage.

Mezzanine floors are highly customizable with different flooring options such as heavy-duty steel, MDF/wood floors, etc. Almost any design, component and load characteristics can be adapted to a custom mezzanine design.


Manifold storage space.

Provided the height is available, a 3-tier mezzanine system can also be configured to utilize the entire working height of the warehouse. Thus, multiply the available space manifold.


Rack-supported mezzanines.

Another configuration that can be used to build a floor with racks instead of columns is a rack support mezzanine. This system offers multiple advantages in terms of pallet storage or shelving on the floor level and optimizes overall storage costs.


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