Top five pallet racking systems and their advantages and disadvantages

A pallet rack is a piece of equipment or device that is typically used in large warehouses to store a variety of materials. It has horizontally placed slides or pallets that can reach 4 or more levels.

There are five main different types of pallet racking systems on the market today. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish the nuances of each and assess which one best meets your needs. The following section describes the main static and dynamic pallet racking systems and their advantages and disadvantages.


Conventional Pallet Racking


● Provides a large number of finishes, so it is advantageous when there are many different products (SKUs) and few pallets of the same product
● Cost-effective


● Takes up a lot of floor space
● Needs multiple aisles, so space is lost


Drive-in pallet racking


● Significantly optimizes space when multiple pallets are available for the same product (SKU)
● Use the maximum space allowed
● Extremely cost effective


● Requires a high degree of dexterity and control from the forklift operator
● Same product from top to bottom, so less versatility compared to push-back or pallet flow systems

⒊Double depth pallet racking


● Provides a lot of orientation and optimized space by reducing the number of aisles
● Interestingly, 2 to 4 pallets per product when there are multiple products of the same type (SKU)
● Economical


● Requires more precision from forklift operators when handling pallets


Pallet flow racking system


● Suitable for products with more than 6 pallets and/or products that need to be rotated in FIFO or traditional LIFO format
● Most efficient system that provides optimal space maximization
● Easy to use and allows for different sides at each level


● High investment cost


Push-back pallet racking


● Many faces, as each level is independent and can have different products
● Suitable for products with 3 to 6 pallets
● Maximizes available space
● Easy to use and robust


● Limitations on the number of pallets; no more than 6 pallets of the same product allowed

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