Steel Boltless Rivet Shelving Parts

The boltless rivet shelving is named because it is connected by rivets as a whole, and because the column is made of steel triangle, it can also be called angle steel shelf, which is a kind of light duty storage shelf.

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Boltless shelving parts are suitable for the storage of small and light objects and the warehouse is used to store and pick up goods manually. It can also be used in offices, supermarkets and other places.




Composition of boltless shelving parts

The structure of boltless steel shelving is very simple. It is mainly composed of several columns, beams and laminates. The column is made of fine strip steel, which is rolled and punched, and then cut off according to the specified height. The crossbeam is also made of fine steel strip, and its manufacturing process is similar to that of the column.


Advantages of boltless shelving parts

1. Find it quickly when you access the items.

2. Improve utilization of warehouse or office.

3. Make the warehouse or office more tidy, generous and beautiful.

4. Make the staff in the warehouse or office feel comfortable every day.

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