Warehouse Double Deep Pallet Racking


The key advantage of double deep pallet rack applications is that they can reduce the number of work aisles, thus saving half of the floor space.

For refrigerators or dangerous goods warehouses with a higher cost of floor space, the double deep forward forklift is more helpful to reduce the cost of warehouse construction and operation.

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Double deep pallet racking is a kind of special forklift, which is designed to store the racks in two rows in parallel. The utilization rate of the warehouse is about 42%, and the selection rate is 50%; the aisle is designed according to the forklift, and the structure is the same as the heavy duty pallet racks.

According to the structure, it belongs to selective pallet racking, and the number of layers is generally more than 4. Double deep pallet racking is relative to single deep pallet racking, single deep racking is a row of unit goods on one side or both sides of each lane, and double deep pallet racking is a row of unit goods on one side or both sides of each lane.

That is to say, between the two adjacent channels, the double deep pallet rack represents four sets of high-level pallet racks. Warehouse utilization rate is high, and it is more suitable for bulk delivery of FMCG warehouse and frozen warehouse.




Double Deep Pallet Racking Features:

1. A high level of logistics efficiency is required.

2. The quantity of goods stored is large, which is most suitable for the warehouse of fast-moving consumer goods and frozen warehouse for mass shipment.

3. The forklift can choose an independent storage forklift. It is not planned to use the storage forklift to drive out of the room for other tasks.

4. The storage and logistics center urgently needs to increase the number of storage spaces or have a certain amount of storage.

5. The available net height of the warehouse is less than 9m.


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