Warehouse Double Deep Pallet Racking

The primary advantage of double deep pallet rack applications is their ability to increase storage density and maximize warehouse space. By eliminating unnecessary aisles, more warehouse space can be utilized for storage, effectively reducing the number of work aisles and saving up to half of the floor space. This feature makes double deep pallet rack systems among the most cost and space-efficient options available.

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Double deep pallet racking is a unique forklift system meticulously engineered to accommodate racks in two parallel rows. This innovative design results in a warehouse utilization rate of approximately 42%, with a corresponding selection rate of 50%. The aisle configuration is tailored to the specific requirements of the forklift, maintaining structural similarities to heavy-duty pallet racks.

This system falls under the category of selective pallet racking based on its structure, typically featuring more than four layers. In comparison to single deep pallet racking, where unit goods are stored on one side or both sides of each lane, double deep pallet racking positions unit goods in a row on one or both sides of each lane, representing four sets of high-level pallet racks between adjacent channels.

The double deep pallet racking system is particularly well-suited for environments where warehouse space is a premium. With a high warehouse utilization rate, it proves to be ideal for bulk delivery in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) warehouses and frozen storage facilities. 


Key Features of Double Deep Pallet Racking:

Logistics Efficiency:

Demands a high level of logistics efficiency, ensuring swift and organized movement of goods within the warehouse.

Large Storage Capacity:

Ideal for storing a substantial quantity of goods, making it a perfect solution for warehouses dealing with fast-moving consumer goods and those requiring mass shipments, especially in frozen storage scenarios.

Forklift Compatibility:

The system allows for the use of independent storage forklifts, specifically dedicated to storage tasks without the need for other external functions.

Storage Expansion:

Suited for storage and logistics centers that urgently need to increase their storage capacity or have a specific quantity of goods to accommodate.

Height Considerations:

Best suited for warehouses with a net height of less than 9 meters.

In conclusion, the double deep pallet racking system stands out for its efficiency, large storage capacity, and adaptability to specific warehouse needs, making it an optimal choice for various industries.

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