Heavy Duty Double Deep Racking


Double deep racking is also called double deep pallet racking. It is a kind of rack type that uses scissor forklift to design the rack to be stored in two rows in parallel.

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The double deep racking series is derived from the heavy duty pallet racking with simple structure and high storage capacity, which can effectively alleviate the storage requirements that the common pallet racking cannot meet, and increase the inventory by twice as much as the common selective pallet racking.

Double deep rack is widely used in tobacco, food and beverage, packaging and other industries. The specifications of such racks can be changed according to the needs of customers.


Double Deep Racking Characteristics:

● High utilization rate of the warehouse;

● Good selectivity;

● Special forklift;

● The same double deep racking design of roadway size as APR;

● Widely used in paper industry and plastic products industry.

The heavy duty double deep racking adopts four groups of racks to discharge at the same time, which effectively reduces the rack channel. Each storage rack line can store more than double pallets, so the storage capacity is much higher than the selective pallet rack.

The column and beam assembly structure can meet various loads; the beam height can be adjusted arbitrarily to meet the requirements of storage goods.Simple structure can add other accessories according to the characteristics of the goods; mechanical access, high selection efficiency, low investment cost.


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