Double Deep Pallet Racking System

Double deep racking system, also known as double deep pallet racking system, is an extension of heavy duty pallet racking system. The structural feature of this kind of rack is that it is designed to store in two rows in parallel.

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The double deep pallet racks, designed to accommodate up to four pallets simultaneously, provide an efficient solution for maximizing warehouse space utilization, offering more than double the inventory capacity compared to standard pallet racking systems.


Key Features of Double Deep Pallet Racking System:


Increased Inventory Capacity:

Effectively addresses storage requirements beyond the capabilities of regular pallet racking systems, allowing for a more than twofold increase in inventory capacity.


Specialized Forklift Requirement:

To access goods in the double deep racking system, a specialized forklift is necessary. Typically, a forward-moving scissor forklift is employed for this purpose.


Forklift Working Passage:

The forklift working passage for pallet storage racks is generally around 3.3 meters, ensuring proper maneuverability within the rack system.


Reduced Aisle Space:

In comparison to a single deep pallet rack, the double deep pallet racking system significantly reduces aisle space due to the parallel arrangement of four rack groups. This allows for storing more than double the pallets on each storage goods line, leading to a larger overall stock.


Specialized Forklift Design:

Given the two rows of goods in the forklift’s picking direction, a special forward-moving stacker, sometimes referred to as a three-way forklift, is required. The stacker’s fork typically consists of five levels.


Storage and Retrieval Logistics:

Similar to drive-in pallet racking, the storage and retrieval of goods in the back row of the double deep pallet racks follow a specific order. Goods in the front row need to be accessed first, and only after these are taken or displaced can storage and retrieval operations be conducted for the back row.

Achieving a first-in, first-out (FIFO) system is challenging, and warehouse managers need to carefully plan the inventory to consider back racks before front racks to enhance overall warehouse utilization.

These features collectively make the double deep pallet racking system a strategic choice for warehouses aiming to optimize storage space and efficiently manage inventory.

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