Double Deep Pallet Racking System


Double deep racking system, also known as double deep pallet racking system, is an extension of heavy duty pallet racking system. The structural feature of this kind of rack is that it is designed to store in two rows in parallel.

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The structure design of double deep pallet racks can arrange four pallets at the same time, which can maximize the use of warehouse space, more than double the inventory of the general pallet racking.

Double Deep Racking System Features:

1. Effectively alleviate the storage requirements that ordinary pallet racking system cannot meet, and increase the inventory by twice as much as ordinary pallet rack system.

2. The double deep racking system needs to be equipped with a special forklift, generally a forward-moving scissor forklift when it is used to access goods.

3. The forklift working passage of the pallet storage rack generally needs to be about 3.3m.

4. In the warehouse of the same area, compared with the double deep pallet racking system, because there are four groups of racks in parallel, the channel position is reduced, and more than double pallets can be stored on each storage goods line, so the stock is larger than the single deep pallet rack.

5. Since there are two rows of goods in the picking direction of the fork of the stacker, it is necessary to use a special forward-moving stacker (some are called three-way forklift), and the fork of the stacker is generally 5-level fork.

6. For the storage and retrieval of goods in the back row, the same as the drive in pallet racking. Only after the corresponding goods in the front row of double deep pallet racks are taken away or displaced can the storage and retrieval work be carried out.It is difficult for the racks to be first in, first out. In order to improve the utilization rate of the warehouse, the general inventory needs to consider the storage of the back racks before the storage of the front racks.

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