Collapsible Wire Mesh Storage Container with Wheel


Collapsible wire mesh storage container with wheel, used in warehouses and workshops for goods containing and carrying, is highly recommended for use in manufacturing industries. Semi-open construction for easy storage and drawing. With the features of universal size, reliability, space-saving, and security.

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Collapsible wire mesh storage containers with wheels are highly recommended for use in manufacturing industries due to their numerous advantages. These containers are designed to contain and transport goods efficiently, offering universal sizing, reliability, space-saving capabilities, and enhanced security. With their semi-open construction, these containers facilitate easy storage and retrieval of goods.


The key features and benefits of these wire mesh storage containers


Durable Construction:

The metal mesh containers are manufactured using high-quality iron material and undergo a cold hardening welding process, ensuring their strength and durability. This sturdy construction makes them suitable for withstanding the rigors of industrial environments.


Foldable Structure for Convenience:

The foldable design of these containers provides significant convenience during loading, transportation, and storage. Their collapsible nature allows for easy handling, as well as efficient utilization of space when not in use. This feature greatly simplifies management tasks, promoting organizational efficiency.


Zinc-Plated Surface for Durability:

To enhance both the aesthetic appeal and durability, these containers undergo a zinc-plated surface treatment. This process not only ensures a visually appealing appearance but also protects the containers from corrosion, extending their lifespan. Moreover, the use of zinc-plating ensures that there is no pollution associated with the manufacturing process.


Versatile Handling Options:

These containers are designed to facilitate various handling methods, including manual work, crane operations, trolleys, and pallet trucks. Their sturdy construction enables easy mobility within the facility, allowing for efficient movement of goods. The inclusion of gates further enhances accessibility, enabling convenient loading and unloading.


Compliance with International Standards:

Wire mesh storage containers comply with international standards, ensuring their compatibility with other wire storage containers. They serve as a reliable and practical alternative to traditional wooden cases, offering improved durability and reusability. This compliance facilitates seamless integration into existing storage systems.


Wide Range of Applications:

The versatility of wire mesh storage containers makes them suitable for various environments, including workshops, supermarkets, and warehouses. In manufacturing industries, these containers are particularly valuable for goods storage, organization, and sales promotion. They provide an effective solution for showcasing products while ensuring secure storage and easy accessibility.



Collapsible wire mesh storage containers with wheels offer an array of benefits, making them highly recommended for use in manufacturing industries. Their durable construction, foldable design, zinc-plated surface, versatile handling options, compliance with international standards, and wide range of applications make them indispensable tools for efficient goods containment and transportation.

By investing in these wire mesh containers, manufacturing industries can optimize their storage processes, enhance productivity, and improve overall operational efficiency.

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