Warehouse Collapsible Wire Container with Casters

The collapsible wire container is extensively utilized for handling, storing, and distributing raw materials and semi-finished products in logistical operations. It serves as a three-dimensional carrier that enables efficient transportation and storage. By utilizing reusable containers, businesses can minimize costs and enhance operational efficiency.

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The collapsible wire container has found extensive application in various areas of logistics operations, specifically in the storage, distribution, and temporary holding of raw materials and semi-finished products. It serves as an efficient and versatile three-dimensional handling and transportation carrier.

Moreover, the use of reusable containers not only enables cost reduction but also enhances overall operational efficiency. By utilizing these containers for mechanical handling, businesses can further optimize their processes and achieve improved resource utilization.



Features of the wire container:


1. The latch mechanism ensures secure closure when the wire containers are stacked in a warehouse for storage.

2. The welding points are minimal, ensuring the collapsible wire containers’ strength, durability, and ability to withstand stacking and the use of casters.

3. Non-slip stacking blocks are incorporated to prevent the forward movement of wire mesh pallet containers, ensuring safety.

4. Strengthened screw hinges provide additional protection to prevent containers from accidentally opening during storage.

5. The handle design is ergonomic, making it easy to grip and open naturally.

6. The unique foot cage structure is designed based on principles of mechanics, facilitating placement in both flat and three-dimensional stacking scenarios. It is compatible with forklift trucks, pallet trucks, and warehouse cage trolleys for loading and unloading.

7. The bottom of the wire deck is reinforced with U channel steel to ensure sufficient carrying capacity and stability.

8. The screw hinges allow for easy overlapping and opening, saving storage space.

9. Standard steel identification plates are included for easy identification of the containers.

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