Collapsible Steel Stillage Cage


Steel stillage cage is one of the most widely used storage and transport solutions. 


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Collapsible steel stillage is widely used in the manufacturing industry, Logistics and warehousing industry, and other occasions. This model has a large volume and strong carrying capacity can realize free stacking, effectively use space and save transportation costs.

For many different kinds of applications, Aceally has foldable & stackable type, sheet side type, wire mesh type, and custom type according to customer’s requirements.


Features of Steel Stillage Cage:

Heavy duty;

Dropdown half gate (front);

Removable gates (front & back);

Stackable with cupped feet;

Solid steel base;

Collapsible to save space when not in use, ideal for return journeys;

Standard half-hinged gate access;

Long-lasting, economical alternative to disposable packing;

The open wire mesh design of steel stillage allows for full visibility for inventory checks, ventilation, and cleanness.

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