Metal column stacking rack

  • Material: Low carbon steel
  • Loading capacity: 1000kg
  • Stacking capacity: 4 layers high
  • Finish: Powder coating
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    This detachable stacking rack is suitable for storing pressure-resistant, fragile, irregularly shaped products that are not easily stackable. It can be stacked up to 4 levels high and can hold up to 1000 kg per rack when stacked or 2000 kg when used as a single still.


    Main advantages

    ● Removable stacking racks are suitable for storing products that are resistant to pressure, fragile, irregularly shaped and not easily stackable.
    ● Improved space utilisation by stacking racks using lifts.
    ● Easy to use, you can easily change the application station.
    ● Four columns are removable and can be stored under the base to avoid loss and save space for easy storage and transport.
    ● Rounded columns fit snugly into the base to avoid shifting when stacking and ensure safety
    ● The grid of the base can be varied according to the load capacity required.
    ● The base can be fitted with grating or steel plates as required.



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