Advantages and disadvantages of cantilever racking

Cantilever racking is specialized warehouse equipment that provides space-saving storage solutions for a variety of long, large items such as PVC pipe, steel panels, sofas, coffee tables and wood. Its high load capacity and even weight distribution means that cantilever storage is designed for medium to heavy duty applications and is ideal for storing bulky materials.

Cantilever racking uses columns and brackets fixed to a sturdy base to store long loads. The arms extend from the brackets to create open shelves that can accommodate large, bulky, long or oddly shaped loads that would otherwise be difficult to store. This allows you to utilize all three dimensions of available storage space by stacking long loads to the ceiling or as high as material handling equipment can safely maneuver them.



Cantilever racks are easy to install and reconfigure. With no actual shelves, adjusting the height and angle of the arms is easy and quick. This flexibility of shelving allows you to store a wide variety of loads. The configuration reduces handling time for long loads and increases warehouse employee productivity by making inventory more accessible. Additional arms can be purchased to change the length and increase storage possibilities for loads of all sizes and shapes.



On the other side of the equation, cantilevered racking requires a more significant financial investment than floor stacking to get started. The racking must be designed and installed to fit your warehouse space. The design must include aisle space between each rack that is large enough for forklifts or other material handling equipment to operate. Cantilever racking is not efficient for storing pallets if you are storing both traditional pallets and long loads. This may mean a separation of compatible or cooperative sections.

Be careful when designing to maximize storage capacity so you don’t lose productivity. Labor costs are a significant ongoing expense that can be controlled by an integrated storage design that finds a balance between these two requirements.

In short cantilever racking can dramatically increase your storage capacity while making it easier for you and your staff to handle awkwardly sized materials. Easily adjustable, well-designed and with easy shelf placement, cantilevered shelving offers multiple benefits to your organization as you seek to grow and build your business.


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Post time: Jun-02-2022