Cold storage and freezer pallet racking system solutions

Are pallet racking systems suitable for cold or freezing environmental conditions? This is by far the main concern of food and biochemical companies. When the topic is storage systems, cold storage has specific artificial environmental characteristics. These different characteristics have a different impact on a type of metal shelving. The appropriate metal, or even a combination of different pallet racking systems, should be used depending on the needs of each project to get the best results.

The unique characteristics of refrigerated and frozen storage (including the temperature itself) may adversely affect the efficiency of cooling systems when unsuitable storage systems are implemented and may lead to metal corrosion due to harsh environmental conditions. For incongruous situations, the best approach is to select metals that have been made denser with extreme forces applied to ensure higher cooling energy efficiency and thus cost savings.

A necessary condition for the subject is the quality of the pallet racking to properly handle the resistance to extreme environmental conditions, as well as a storage solution properly designed by skilled subject professionals to ensure ideal and uniform cooling of all warehouse unit loads. Aceally storage has a tendency to resist corrosion compared to any other type of metal structure, which makes it the first choice for cold storage.


Breaking the vulnerability of the cold chain

Pallet racking, warehousing, and cold storage are more than just processes that address the complete complexity of the cold chain. The cold chain encompasses a series of stages and elements necessary to maintain products with specific temperatures from the time they are produced, through collection, transportation and storage, until the end user reaches their destination. Time to market. You may consider using pallet storage racks.

All stages of the cold chain should pass perfectly so that the product arrives in the final stage in the best possible condition. Ambient temperature and exposure time are the two factors in the chain that affect the product the most.

As soon as the product arrives in storage, special attention should be paid to the stage from transport to storage, i.e. the loading and unloading period of the product. Depending on the situation, the exposure time of the product at unsuitable temperatures may lead to thermal differences that can upset the balance of the cold chain.


What kind of storage is needed for cold storage

While paying special attention to storage systems, the following points must be carefully examined when choosing the type of heavy-duty pallet rack that is best suited for cold storage.

● Using the best materials for the storage system optimizes the space used for good cooling.
● The materials used use pallet racking that is resistant to harsh conditions.
● Maximize storage storage
● Reducing supply costs and maximizing savings
● Uniformity of temperature for perishable products.
● Reduced loading and unloading time.
● Easy and smooth access to unit loads.

If you need further information on which racking systems are best for your cold storage facility, we would be happy to have the opportunity to help you take the next step. Whether you determine which system is best for you, or you need more guidance, our experts are ready to help you.

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