Difference between steel pallet and plastic pallet

Pallets are one of the indispensable supporting equipment in modern logistics transportation and warehouse equipment. Forklifts could carry pallets to store and pick up goods to make work more efficiency. Generally, there are three types of pallets:like steel pallets, plastic pallets, and wooden pallets, the first two are widely used in many warehouse, do you know what is the difference between steel pallets and plastic pallets?

Let me make a introduction for you.


The advantages and applications of plastic pallets

Plastic pallets have the advantages of anti-corrosion, anti-moisture, anti-rust, anti-moth-eaten, no mold and other characteristics .Plastic pallets are more popular in food and pharmaceutical industries.What’s more, with the heavy weight capacity, long lifespan, plastic pallets is widely used in Chemical industry, light textile industry, and manufacturing industry.


How about steel pallets, what is it the advantages?

1. The weight capacity of pallet is larger than plastics pallets.
2. Environmental protection, steel pallets can be recycled and reused, and resources are not wasted.
3.The surface is treated with anti-skid treatment, with stable packaging performance;
4. Compared with plastic pallets, it has advantages of strength, wear resistance, temperature resistance and better price.
5. Especially when it is used for export, it does not need fumigation, high temperature disinfection or anti-corrosion treatment, which is in line with international environmental protection regulations;


In which situations are plastic pallets more suitable?

In terms of corrosion resistance, plastic pallets is better than steel pallets.When the pallets is used to carry meat, fish, or other perishable food, or toxic chemical dangerous goods, the pallets must be destroyed comply with the regulations, steel pallets are easy to corrode, but plastic pallets can be used again as long as they are rinsed with clean water or disinfected.

In terms of moisture resistance, plastic pallets are excellent.
The steel pallets are easy to absorb moisture, and its metal material makes it easy to rust and corrode after absorbing water;While plastics such as PE\PP used in plastic pallets have good moisture resistance, so they will not absorb moisture and will not rot.

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