How to install angle steel shelf by yourself?

Universal angle steel shelving

Universal angle steel shelving is a lightweight, multi-functional, multi-purpose light combination of shelving, suitable for almost any manual work storage methods, single and multi-layer available. The combination design is easy to install and provides unlimited room for creativity in storage design, and the special accessories for this series can continuously increase the storage function and capacity. This is an ideal solution for the logistics management of automotive parts warehouses, the automotive industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the electronics industry.

The universal angle steel structure can be configured with steel plate or wood plate layer, which can be combined at will and the layer height can be adjusted at a spacing of 50mm.The universal angle steel shelving is a kind of light shelving with less investment and wide use, which is made of high quality cold-rolled steel plates and stamped into shape.

It is easy to dismantle, easy to adjust, flexible combination, and strong transformation, and can increase or decrease the number of layers to achieve the best storage effect according to the customer’s placement requirements.

Angle steel shelf installation method

1、Install triangle piece at both ends of each column, the triangle piece at the top of the shelf and the low angle is the same in the direction of installation, both are right angle facing up.

2、After fixing the triangle piece, start to install the laminate.

3、After fixing the remaining columns, stand up the whole shelf and put it on the flat ground, gently shake the shelf to see if the shelf is smooth, and after determining that there is no problem, use a specific screwdriver to reinforce all the screws.

4、After the installation of the first and last two laminates, the whole shelf is installed on one side of the column, and then the other laminates are installed with the same or different layer spacing according to your needs, and the screws are also not screwed too tight. To facilitate the installation, the first two pieces will be fixed at the end. When installing the remaining columns, pay special attention to the spacing of the ply, otherwise it will lead to uneven ply, thus leading to unbalanced shelves.

5、After picking out the column, take out the triangular piece (16 pieces) that needs to be fixed in the screw. Note: The screws should not be screwed too tightly before the shelf is installed. Wait until after the installation to determine the shelf shape is normal, the warehouse shelves no other problems before the screws are reinforced.

6、After determining the position of the laminate, turn the shelf lying on its side and fix the other side of the shelf column respectively. Pay attention to the lowermost part of the column in contact with the ground, depending on the environment of the installation site to set aside enough height as a shelf foot. Then pick out the shelves’ columns (4).

Angle steel shelves in the assembly, should be cleaned away from all the main parts and accessories in the package and separated according to the species. The best way is to count the distance between the laminates on that side of the installed column has several holes, so as to determine the interval between the laminates will not be a problem.

7、Finally, the installed shelves can be placed in the place of use. The method of fixing is: first fix the top of the column on the laminate, and then fix the other column on the laminate in the same way. The bottom installation is the same as the top.


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