Which is the lower cost for chemical company warehouse racking?

Custom warehouse shelves are mainly for storing goods, many companies have a lot of goods, so they need batch custom storage shelves to be enough to store. For example, the chemical industry warehouse, basically use storage shelves warehouse shelves.Which is the lower cost for warehouse shelves in chemical enterprises? Let’s find out below.

The chemical industry warehouse needs to pay attention to the following points due to the special nature of the stored items.

1、Prevent leakage, prevent mixing materials, prevent flammable and explosive, prevent odor, prevent highly toxic materials

2、Set independent area, best to be far away from the personnel, ventilation, fire prevention, leak prevention, etc.

Combined with the characteristics of the chemical industry warehouse storage items, there are currently pallet racking and through-aisle racking, let’s look at their respective characteristics specifically.


Pallet racking

The first choice is pallet racking. Pallet racking is a prototype of heavy-duty warehouse racking, which is mainly composed of two parts: column pieces and crossbeams. Its composition structure is relatively simple, and not many accessories are needed, so its manufacturing cost is also relatively low. Chemical enterprise warehouse shelves pallet racking also belongs to a kind of high warehouse shelves, its height can be designed to 10 meters, forklift access to goods, single-level load-bearing height of more than 4 tons, suitable for most of the chemical industry goods storage.

pallet racking for chemical company warehouse


Drive-in racking

The next is the corridor type racking, also called drive-in racking. It is also a kind of heavy duty high bay racking. Unlike pallet racking, it requires a single category of goods with uniform specifications, and the goods in the chemical industry are generally large quantities of goods of the same specifications, so they are often stored using corridor warehouse shelves. Chemical enterprise warehouse shelves corridor type shelves single pallet load up to 2 tons or more, forklift directly into the aisle memory to pick up goods, dense cargo space, storage capacity is very large, so the overall cost will also be reduced.

drive in racking for chemical company warehouse

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