What is the difference between aisle warehouse shelving and shuttle storage shelving?

There are many types of storage racks and warehouse shelves, and the reason for the distinction between types is that each type has a different structure and storage effect. What about the difference between aisle warehouse shelving and shuttle storage shelving? Here to find out.

Is required to reserve an alley?

Aisle shelves generally refer to storage shelves and warehouse shelves that require reserved aisles, such as common pallet shelves, beam shelves, double depth shelves, narrow aisle shelves, etc. Forklifts need to enter the aisle to access the goods.

aisle warehouse shelving

Shuttle storage shelves do not need to reserve aisles, forklifts directly fork the goods to the outermost cargo space can be, and then use the shuttle car for automated storage of goods, pick up is also the shuttle car first to transport the goods to the front of the shuttle shelves on the cargo space, forklifts directly take down.

shuttle storage shelving


The advantages of shuttle racks over aisle racks


1、Dense storage mode

Shuttle shelving has a longer depth of three-dimensional aisle on each level, so we can reflect it when storing goods. It will store more goods, and other storage ratio is more than 30% more than the goods stored in through shelves.

2、Improve work efficiency

In the shuttle shelving system, the shuttle car is one of the main core systems, mainly in the rail for the automatic input and output of goods handling operations. Compared with the manual operation with forklift, it can be seen that the efficiency of the whole enterprise is obviously improved.

3、Improve the safety rate

Through-loading shelves require personnel to drive a forklift into the interior of the shelves when accessing goods, which is not only unsafe, but also prone to accidents, limiting the use of space and reducing the overall work efficiency. However, the shuttle shelves are different in that the shuttle car, which is a component, directly replaces the manual operation and can directly send out the goods inside and send in the goods at the port, and the fixed track driving is very stable and safe. At the same time, the shuttle car can also be set up by remote wireless remote control system to control its entire operation, etc.

4、Improve investment and output rate

Shuttle shelves compared to other ordinary shelves, the investment cost fee is still relatively high, however, from a long-term perspective, its output ratio is also relatively considerable. Because of its shuttle shelves are generally equipped with shuttle cars such as high-density storage system, so the efficiency is quite high, which also enhances the output value of the enterprise, the operation will also be very stable. So relatively speaking, the high investment cost is valuable.

5、Flexible operation mode

General ordinary pallet rack can only meet the first-in-first-out or first-in-last-out single access mode, while shuttle rack access to goods is different, it can be used in two ways, namely, first-in-first-out and first-in-last-out, both of which access to goods are carried out to take into account.

6、Increase the number of goods

The depth of cargo space for each track of shuttle shelves is 35, while other shelves are generally controlled at 7 cargo depth when one-way out. Only when two-way out of the warehouse, you can do more cargo depth, but there is also control in about 14 cargo depth.

7、Improve cargo management

The shuttle can organize and count the pallet goods on the track according to the instruction of inventory and finishing, which greatly reduces the management cost, and the key also ensures the safety of employees.


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