The secret of pallet shuttle racking that you need to know

What is shuttle pallet racking?

Shuttle pallet racking is a warehouse storage facility consisting of racks and shuttle cars. Shuttle pallet racking is a semi-automated warehouse racking, and the ability to automate access to goods is the most important feature of this racking. Shuttle racking uses shuttles to store goods, so it no longer requires too many employees to operate, saving unnecessary labor costs.


How does shuttle racking work?

Stocking: A forklift truck places the goods at the front end of the racking aisle rails and the shuttle is operated by radio remote control to carry pallets of goods on the rails;

Pick-up: The shuttle moves the pallets deep in the racks to the very front of the racks, and the pallets of goods are removed from the racks by a forklift;

shuttle pallet racking

Shuttle pallet racking features advantages

1. You can use the radio to remotely control the operation of the shuttle car, and multiple aisles can share a shuttle car, reducing the waste of resources.

2. Shuttle racks can be used together with forklifts to reduce or avoid some damage to the racks.

3. In terms of storage capacity, it has higher storage advantages than heavy-duty shelving, press-in shelving and gravity shelving. The space utilization rate is more than 80%.

4. The biggest advantage of shuttle shelves or their automated storage mode, inventory pickup fully automated!

5. Flexible mode of operation, access to goods can be first-in, first-out, or first-in, first-out. Ordinary pallet racking can only meet the first-in-first-out or first-in-last-out single access mode, while the shuttle racking can be to both access mode.

6. High safety factor, reduce the collision between racking and forklift, improve safety productivity.

The structure of shuttle pallet racking is very stable. In addition, the shuttle truck accesses the goods inside the racking and the forklift only needs to operate outside, which avoids the collision of the forklift with the racking, thus ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment.


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