What are the common shelves in cold storage?

With the rapid development of fresh cold chain, cold chain storage costs have become one of the key concerns of enterprises, in order to make good use of the cold storage space, shelves play a vital role in saving cold storage storage storage costs. 

The cost of using cold storage is higher compared to the cost of ordinary warehouses, storage shelves are usually of the multi-layer type to improve space utilization as much as possible, and the common cold storage shelves are as follows. 


Pass-through racking

Pass-through racking is a kind of racking with high storage density. Most of them are discharged against the wall, the goods are accessed from the same side of the shelf, stored first and then taken, forklift can drive in to access the goods, only one channel is needed to access the work, no need to occupy more than one channel, compared with the beam shelves drive-in shelves can increase the space utilization rate by more than 30%.

Pass-through racking 

Shuttle racking

Shuttle racking basically consists of customized shuttle car, racking system and supporting forklift, etc., forming a high-density automated storage system with higher space utilization. The use of shuttle car to access goods can improve access efficiency and reduce personnel low-temperature operation time and improve operational safety.

 Shuttle racking

Stacking Racking

Stacking rack is a simple demountable folding type of storage rack. Stacking shelves evolved from pallets, generally with four to five layers of stacking, forming a three-dimensional storage mode, can make full use of limited space. In the cold storage without fixed shelves, give full play to its free combination of storage functions, so that the enterprise warehouse utilization rate has been greatly improved, with mechanized handling equipment, can be used in all parts of the supply chain.

Stacking Racking


The above is about cold storage shelves, if you want to know more about cold storage shelves, please contact us by email.


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