Storage Shelf —— Application and Precautions of Multifunctional Angle shelf.

With the rapid development of modern industry, the flow of goods has increased significantly. In order to achieve the modern management of the warehouse, improve the function of the warehouse, not only requires the number of shelves, but also requires a multi-functional, and can achieve mechanization, automation requirements.

In this regard, there is a multi-functional angle steel shelves. Multifunctional angle steel shelves are actually one kind of light shelves, which are made of high quality cold-rolled steel plates and are stamped into a light shelf, and are mainly used as storage equipment for storing articles. Today, we will take Aceally angle shelves as an example, and introduce what are the uses of multifunctional angle shelves?

angle shelf and component details

Aceally angle steel shelving is composed of columns, laminates, angle yards, card pins, professional bolts and plastic bottom feet. The whole shelf is assembled by plugging, which is easy to install and disassemble.

The specific components of angle shelf.

(1) Angle steel shelf column: it is made of equal angle steel bilateral punching, the hole distance of 50mm distance along a straight line, and the column hole can be used to hang the laminate; and optional increase in column corner protection, in order to play anti-collision rod, forklift collision and other phenomena, so as to better protect the shelf from damage;.

(2) Angle steel shelf steel laminate: steel laminate are used cold-rolled steel plate according to the required size bending on all sides.

(3) Card pin: Angle steel shelf column and steel laminate will be connected through the speed buckle card pin and triangle type fixed piece, and then fixed and then form the shelf. Generally speaking, the top and bottom layers of the shelves are connected to the columns with double angle codes and screws to increase the stability of the shelves.

Finally, the parts of the angle steel shelves will be processed into shape and then assembled into finished products by grinding, pickling, phosphating, automatic powder electrostatic spraying, drying and other processes.

three mian components of angle shelf

Aceally angle steel frame features and advantages. 

(1) Aceally angle steel shelf rack is easy to disassemble, easy to adjust and can be flexibly combined.

(2) Aceally angle steel shelves can also be changed by spraying powder or laying special rubber plates to achieve anti-static function.

(3) Aceally angle steel shelves are low cost, safe and reliable, easy to assemble and disassemble, and can also be used individually or freely spliced into various arrangements.

(4) If universal wheels are added at the foot of Aceally angle steel shelves, then the transfer function can be realized.

(5) The finished angle steel shelves produced by Aceally shelf factory have a clean and beautiful surface and the shelves can be adjusted up and down at will, so it is easy to disassemble.

(6) The steel laminate of Aceally angle steel shelves is made of standard cold plate bent on all sides according to the required size. Then the form of concave reinforcement is added underneath, and the welding is spot welding, this structure of the angle steel shelf has the characteristics of material saving, good bearing condition and smooth surface.

(7) Aceally angle steel shelves are more suitable for manual access to lighter goods.

(8) Aceally angle steel shelves can also be used with plastic crates to store multiple varieties of small products.

(9)Aceally angle steel shelves have been widely used in the electronics industry and small parts warehouses.

What are the uses of Aceally angle steel shelving?

(1) Generally speaking, Aceally angle steel shelving is mainly used for manual handling, storage and picking operations.

(2) Aceally angle steel racking is usually used for small and medium-sized, lighter goods storage, and the approximate range of single-level load capacity is ≤ 150kg.

(3) Aceally angle steel shelves can also be added to the laminate with anti-static facilities, and at the same time can be made into anti-static shelves, which are now widely used in electronic enterprises.

(4) Angle steel shelving this light shelving can also be bolted together in the same direction of light shelving, and then form a whole available shelves.

(5) Aceally angle steel shelves are mostly used in enterprise warehouses, supermarkets and institutions, while this type of shelves have reached the same shelf level in developed countries.

(6) The use of Aceally angle steel shelves can also ensure the quality of stored goods, and can take measures to prevent moisture, dust, theft and damage to improve the quality of material storage.

(7) This type of angle steel shelf belongs to the new type of shelf, which can realize the mechanization and automatic management of the warehouse due to its unique structure and functions.

(8)Aceally angle steel shelves can also be used to assemble light material racks, workbenches, tool carts, suspension systems, safety nets and support skeletons, etc..



1.In this regard, the use of angle steel shelves of enterprises or individuals, Aceally storage shelves factory also want to remind you of the following three points: 1. angle steel shelves such as light shelves generally rely on the overall framework of the four corners to add angle code to stabilize, so the overall stability does not occupy an advantage.

2. when stacking goods on the angle steel shelves, the weight of the goods must be placed in strict accordance with the bearing range specified by the manufacturer.

3. Angle steel shelves are the most common light shelves on the market, and the price varies a lot. Many light shelves manufacturers use thin materials in the choice of materials, which seriously affects the overall bearing and service life of light shelves and even accidents, which must pay more attention to this aspect.


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