Is a double-deep pallet rack right for me?

Many pallet racking storage systems are available on the market to meet a variety of needs. Some pallet racking systems are best suited for high product turnover and volume, while others may cater to low product turnover and volume, or a different mix of both. One pallet storage system that is becoming increasingly popular today is double deep pallet racking. We will describe the basic structure of double deep racking and the advantages that make it such a popular choice. We will also discuss the potential disadvantages of double deep pallet racking and what you should know about your warehouse and equipment before making a decision.


What is double deep pallet racking system?

The double-deep pallet racking system is a variant of selective pallet racking and is best understood in comparison to it. In selective pallet racking, two rows of single-row pallet racking are placed back-to-back. In double-deep racking, however, four rows of single-row pallet racking are placed back-to-back. This limits direct access to only two aisle-facing pallet rows, making double-deep pallet racking a first-in, last-out (FILO) pallet racking system.


Benefits of Double Depth Racking

The most obvious advantage of double-depth pallet racking is its ability to increase storage density and maximize warehouse space. The ability of double-depth pallet racking to eliminate unnecessary aisles means that more warehouse space can be used for storage. This feature makes double deep pallet racking systems one of the most cost and space efficient options available. In addition, double-depth pallet racking offers the same density as a 2-deep push-back pallet racking system, but at a fraction of the cost. Depending on your storage needs, it may not be necessary to build or rent new storage space to install a double-deep pallet racking system.


Disadvantages of double-depth racking

The most significant disadvantage of double-deep pallet racking is the need for a dedicated forklift to access the pallets. Most forklifts are designed to access pallets only on a single depth system. This means that in order to successfully utilize a double-depth pallet racking system, you will need to invest in a double-depth reach truck or expand and balance their current forklift. However, many people find that these costs are offset by the benefits of double-depth racking.

Again, since there is no “one size fits all” solution to your storage needs, you need to understand your product volume and turnover rates, as well as the available warehouse space and forklift type, before deciding if a double-depth pallet racking system is right for you.


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However, before you decide on any shelving system, we recommend that you consult with a storage systems consultant.

A storage solutions specialist will perform SKU analysis, space and operational design, ergonomics and more activities to recommend the most ideal shelving system and order picking equipment to meet your unique requirements.

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