Why are snap-on dividers the perfect match for wire decking?

What is a snap-in wire divider?

Snap-in wire dividers are also referred to as vertical shelf dividers. With these snap-in wire dividers, individual SKUs can be separated at the pallet rack beam level. Furthermore, it is easy to clip into existing wire decking on the shelves to create designated compartments.

These dividers will maximise your organisation and in turn save you a lot of time. Warehouse shelf dividers help you to organise your stock into specific sections. You don’t have to spend valuable time sorting through boxes trying to find a specific SKU or order.


Relationship between vertical shelf dividers and wire versions

Wire decking is specifically designed to allow pallet racking shelves to store items on shelves without pallets. Wire decking in warehouses is a product that helps to provide quality and efficiency in warehouse work.

Vertical shelf dividers are often used in conjunction with wire decking and allow you to divide and separate individual SKUs at the pallet racking beam level. They simply snap on to your existing wire decking and create defined compartments on your shelves.


Is Investing in Snap-In Dividers a Good Idea?

Investing in vertical shelf dividers is a great option that warehouse operators can do. This is because they are a very simple solution, but make a big difference. You don’t have to replace or even unload your shelving system. These dividers are lightweight, but durable. The mesh design allows you to easily and quickly see what is stored.
If you are considering where to buy this material, Aceally is at your service and we offer products that are guaranteed to last. They are resistant to corrosion and will rust over a long period of time. Snap-in dividers are cheaper than the wooden types. In addition, they have better lighting, ventilation and sprinkler coverage in the event of a fire. The best thing about Aceally’s vertical shelf dividers is that they require minimal to zero maintenance.


Aceally – the industry leading experts you can trust

If you are considering purchasing a divider, make sure they are powder coated or galvanised iron. Why? This will ensure that the material has longer lasting properties. Wire dividers are excellent organisational tools for different operations. The material is made from sturdy crutch-shaped sugar hooks that allow them to be suspended from wire sheets.

Now is the time to equip your warehouse with Aceally’s vertical shelf dividers. Our snap-in dividers will help you increase your storage density and efficiency. Another advantage is that you don’t have to invest a lot of money to notice a significant improvement in shelf organisation.



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