Why do you need rolling security cages?

Spieth rolling security cages

It is by no means stress-free to manage and work in a large warehouse, but with the right management and the right equipment the work can be less tiring and more productive. Little did we know that the most advantageous one would be the one with the longest performance – the warehouse rolling security cages! Warehouse employees have been hauling heavy boxes, but transferring them from the warehouse to the loading area requires hand trucks. A wide range of warehouse cage carts has appeared on the market over the years to help warehouses in various industries.

Helping you achieve more profitable results in material handling and safe and efficient movement of items, Spieth’s rolling wired container storage cages are designed for use in warehouses, supermarkets, hospitals, laundries and any other manufacturing or distribution facility where merchandise must be moved from one location to another.

By far the most practical and effective solution to the difficulties of transporting heavy goods is the cart. Adding rolling containers and warehouse anti-roll racks to your warehouse has roughly three benefits.


three rolling security cages

Three benefits of using rolling security cages 


Improve overall warehouse operational efficiency

It’s well known that efficiency and consistency are critical to prevent delays at the loading dock, which can ultimately be a serious impediment to distribution. The faster your approach to finding, loading and transporting goods, the more efficient and professional the service you provide to your customers. In large warehouses, warehouse cage carts make it easy to transport more packages at once. A good warehouse roll cage can help you dramatically reduce overall loading times.


Reduce the whole costs of warehouse operation

When items and packages are being moved with higher efficiency, the overall operating costs of the warehouse can be significantly reduced. The more work completed per man-hour, the greater the revenue per man-hour. As carts and rolling containers play a critical role in achieving this productivity; they also have an impact on operating costs.


Avoiding personal injuries in the workplace

When it comes to warehouse roll bars, among the biggest and most significant benefits is their contribution to a safer work environment. The best way to reduce muscle stress – the greatest injury caused by lifting and moving items or packages – is with warehouse cage carts and rolling containers.


Talk to Warehouse Storage Industry Experts

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We have been helping companies and industries around the world improve and increase the efficiency of warehouses in their logistics and supply chains for more than two decades by providing them with robust and reliable storage containers and storage racks of all types.


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