How to choose storage racks?

The use of storage racking system makes full use of the warehouse space, increases the storage capacity of the warehouse, expands the storage energy of the warehouse, and facilitates the access of goods.

If you want to choose a suitable storage racking system in the warehouse, you cannot do without these five steps.


1. Consider the ground load bearing capacity of the warehouse floor.

It needs to be obtained from the contractor. This parameter is very important. If the floor load of your warehouse is only 1 ton and the rack load is 5 tons, the ground will inevitably sink or deform, and the heavy ones may even collapse, causing safety accidents. Don’t just consider building high level storage racks to save space, but also consider the basic weight of the materials stored on the high level racks.


2. Consider the import and export form and storage time of stored materials.

There may be various materials with different storage times in the warehouse, so it is necessary to consider the form or storage method of entering and leaving the warehouse to find a truly suitable storage rack that can achieve higher space utilization. Such as drive-in racks, pallet racks, rolling racks, push back racks and so on. If you choose this type of storage rack, you may also need to invest in certain loading and unloading equipment, such as narrow lane forklifts.


3. Consider the factory rack layout.

When building racks, many companies only pay attention to the space utilization of the racks, but ignore the concept of logistics. Because the layout is different, the size, load bearing, loading and unloading equipment of the racks may be different.


4.Consider the categories of materials on the storage racks and the pallets for the materials.

The size of the warehouse rack needs to be related to the material or pallet it carries, and the size can be customized.


5. Consider storage rack handling equipment.

Do you already purchase the stacking equipment? If so, you need to consider the radius of gyration of the equipment, the width of the equipment and many other factors.


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