Aceally Mobile Dock Ramp

Mobile dock ramp which is used in the place without loading and unloading platform or where loading and unloading of goods need to be carried out by mobile. If there is no loading and unloading platform at the logistics site, as a remedy, the mobile boarding bridge is one of the most suitable solutions.

The mobile boarding bridge is equivalent to a moving steel ramp, and the forklift can also directly drive into the interior of the truck compartment for bulk loading and unloading operations. Only one person operation, no power supply, can realize the safe and fast loading and unloading of goods. Not only can make you reduce labor intensity, but also can double the efficiency of loading and unloading operations, speed up the flow of materials, obtain greater economic benefits.


Aceally mobile dock ramp advantage

The table is made of special hollow steel lattice plate with reliable strength, can ensure long-term use without deformation. Its toothed structure fully guarantees excellent anti-skid performance, so that the forklift has better climbing and maneuverability. Even in rain and snow, it can still be used normally.

● Adjustable length of cable chain can easily hook the truck, so that the boarding bridge and the truck always closely fit.

● Using the hand hydraulic pump as the power, without the need of external power supply can easily achieve the height adjustment of the bridge.

● The brake pad can effectively prevent the truck from moving during loading and unloading.


Our hot sale mobile dock ramp(8 Ton) specification as below:


1 Parts ACL 8T(Mobile dock ramp)
2 Dimensions 11100mm(L)*2100mm(W)*1100mm(H)
3 Forklift suspensive board 3000mm* 2100mm
4 Loading weight 8T
5 POWER Manual
6 Adjustment range 1100-1800mm
7 Guardrail height 200mm(40*60*3mm rectangular tube)
8 Main grider 160*80*5 rectangular tube,and 5 main grider
9 Vice-grider 100*50*4  rectangular tube
10 Hydro-cylinder Φ80*Φ50(2pcs)
11 Hydraulic pipe 32Pma Hydraulic pipe
12 Tire :600-9 (solid tires)
14 Color Blue,electrostatic spray
15 Self-weight About 2580kg


Why Choose  Mobile Dock Ramp From Aceally?

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Aceally Mobile dock ramp


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