Three useful warehouse storage tips

Warehouses fulfil an essential function in the logistics supply chain. Lean and efficient warehouses allow companies to run efficiently; as a result, warehouses can raise the upper limit of business development.

Unluckily, organising warehouses efficiently can be difficult to implement. Every decision should support the organisation’s goals while aiming to increase productivity, optimise space, reduce costs and provide excellent customer service.

In order to help the majority of warehouse managers to effectively improve the efficiency of warehouse operations, we have provided three practical warehouse storage suggestions here. Read them together below.


Start with your layout

The most important thing is to invest time in a warehouse that can organise you efficiently, which can significantly improve your storage efficiency. By taking some time to conduct a thorough review of your operation, you can identify inefficiencies in space usage, workflow issues and identify improvements to store different products based on their frequency and type of turnover.

Designating areas for different types of products helps to improve storage uniformity and therefore storage density. Designated areas also help to keep the warehouse in order. Maintaining clean and well organised operations reduces confusion and therefore increases the speed at which employees can work without compromising safety.

It is also recommended to increase the flow and quality of information. For these purposes, many companies use barcodes, signs and labels very liberally to ensure that there is no confusion when searching for products or that mistakes are not made when placing elements in the right place.


Vertical development

A common mistake we see in inexperienced companies is not making the most of vertical space. Investing in proper vertical storage can increase efficiency and significantly reduce costs as it allows companies to store more per square metre of surface.

The most common example of vertical storage is pallet racking. Pallet racking is a structure designed to store stacks of pallets. Products can still be easily accessed using a forklift truck, which means you sacrifice some efficiency in your workflow.

In fact, vertical storage is very helpful for organising warehouses as managers can sort products according to durability, demand and frequency of use. The most common type of pallet racking is selective pallet racking, as it allows access to a single pallet without having to move other pallets to reach it.

If turnover is infrequent, you can opt for drive-in racking, which allows more goods to be stored but at the expense of ease of access.


Making the most of automation technology

Many businesses are turning to automated storage solutions, such as carousels or vertical lift modules, as well as improved warehouse management systems (WMS) to use the power of technology to their advantage. Automated systems reduce the need for manpower and improve safety standards and storage density, as machines can store things more closely than humans can.

If you don’t want to run fully automated, software improvements such as upgrading your WMS can help warehouse managers improve workflow and storage instructions. This enables businesses to process orders with greater speed and efficiency, as warehouse staff can be given instructions on the best pick-up routes by the software.


Final words of advice

Implementing these space-saving storage tips and ideas will quickly improve the efficiency of your warehouse operations. If you want to invest in storage products, Aceally can always design and manufacture racking systems to suit your exact needs. When looking to purchase solutions such as racks and other equipment, remember to rely on professional advice when it comes to storage solutions to help you maximise your space and keep your operations running smoothly.





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Post time: Aug-15-2022