Carton live storage racking for supermarket distribution centers

Carton live storage racking is a storage system that uses the stored goods’ own gravity to enable the goods to move down in the direction of the storage depth. 

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Carton live storage racking is a storage system that uses the stored goods’ own gravity to enable the goods to move down in the direction of the storage depth. Flow shelves are often used in conjunction with flow devices and roller conveyor. When stocking, goods are fed into the chute from the high end of the shelf ramp and slide down through the chute wheels. When picking up goods, the goods are taken out from the low end of the ramp and the subsequent goods are slid down one by one to be picked up. The goods flow in and out of each chute in turn, so that no leakage occurs. It is suitable for perishable goods and large quantities of goods of the same species, stored for a short period of time, and is widely used in supermarket distribution centers, production assembly lines, small goods transport and picking operations!

carton live storage racking

Structure of carton live storage racking

The fluent strips of fluent shelves are directly connected to the front and rear beams and the middle support beam, and the beams are directly hung on the pillars. The installation inclination of the fluent strip depends on the size and weight of the cargo box and the depth of the fluent shelf, which is usually taken from 5% to 9%. The load capacity of the rollers of the fluent strip is 6kg/pc. When the cargo is heavy, 3 or 4 fluent strips can be installed in one raceway. Usually a support beam is installed every 0.6m in the depth direction to increase the rigidity of the fluent strip. When the raceway is long, the raceway can be separated by dividers. At the pick-up end, brake pads should be installed to slow down the cargo and reduce the impact.

carton live storage racking

Material of carton live storage racking

Part of the fluent shelf bracket is made of sheet metal or aluminum alloy, and the rollers are generally nylon wheels. The roller wheel is made of high quality thermoplastic, which has a very small coefficient of friction, excellent impact resistance, and is strong and unbreakable. In terms of chemical performance, it has good acid and alkali resistance and does not absorb moisture. The U-shaped groove of the fluent strip is made of steel plate with rounded edges, and the load-bearing capacity is up to 6kg/axle, and the fluent strip can work normally at -40℃ low temperature. The front, back and side panels are made of bent steel plates. The front and back panels ensure that the goods can be blocked from the shelves under the action of gravity, and the side panels allow the goods to slide freely along the fluent strip.

The outstanding features of the carton live storage racking.  

●Using roller type aluminum alloy iso-flow force strip, using the self-weight of goods to achieve the first-in-first-out of goods. 

●Fluent shelves are easy to access, suitable for both sides of the assembly line, distribution centers and other places.

Fluent shelves are suitable for storing large quantities of similar goods, with high space utilization, which is suitable for auto parts factories.

●Fluent shelves can be equipped with electronic tags to realize the information management of goods.

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