Pallet Flow Rack Storage System

Pallet flow racking is a FIFO (First In First Out) racking system that uses gravity roller tracks to create a gravity flow path. The tracks are set with a drop pitch that allows the pallets to move by gravity from the infeed side (rear) to the picking side (front).

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The pallet is introduced into the storage aisle from the loading aisle and smoothly glides along the rollers towards the picking aisle, guided by the drum mechanism. To ensure secure positioning, the pallet comes to a halt at the bottom thanks to the reliable pallet stops.

As the pallet is efficiently unloaded from the lower section of the racking system, the subsequent pallet seamlessly takes its place. The speed of pallet movement is effectively regulated through the precise utilization of rollers and brakes, guaranteeing controlled and stable transportation within the carton live storage racking system.


Pallet flow advantages.

●FIFO (first in, first out)
●High storage density (25 pallets deep)
●Efficient picking and unloading
●Immediate access to products


Pallet Flow Disadvantages.

●High capital investment
●Good pallet quality required
●High maintenance requirements
●Limited SKU’s and selectivity


Pallet flow applications.

●Food & Beverage Industry
●Cold storage
●Grocery stores
●Consumer Goods

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