Heavy Duty Warehouse Narrow aisle racking VNA rack

  • Type: VNA Pallet Rack
  • Material: Q235B steel
  • Depth: 1.5-2.5mm
  • Width: 2,300-3,500 mm or customized
  • Height: 2000-15000mm
  • Weight Capacity: 500-5000kgs
  • Product Detail

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    In VNA pallet racking systems, pallet racking is closer than other pallet racking solutions as they use side loading forklifts for loading and unloading; Narrowing the aisle and ensuring efficient use of storage space. Maximizing product storage capacity and warehouse footprint, VNA aisles are typically 6.6 feet wide, providing 44% more floor space compared to selective pallet racking systems.


    VNA system advantages

    ● Higher space utilization compared to other pallet storage systems as more can be installed.
    ●100% product selectivity.
    ●System operates in a FIFO inventory rotation.
    ●Up to 50% reduction in aisle width compared to wide aisle racking.
    ● Less damage due to narrow aisle forklifts usually guided by wires or rails.


    Common Uses

    VNA solutions are versatile and can meet a wide range of operational needs. However, they are particularly suited for warehouses that require

    ● Dense storage with a smaller footprint
    ● Direct and immediate access to each unit load, but also need to optimize available space
    ● Storage for products with different unit loads and sizes


    Increase storage space with very narrow aisle racking

    ● Ultra-narrow aisle pallet racking provides direct access to all unit loads, offering 100% selectivity due to full accessibility.
    ● Optimize available space by reducing the width of working aisles, thus saving up to 40% of total space.
    ● VNA provides greater warehouse storage capacity by compressing the adjustable pallet racking system, which can then be fitted with additional pallet racking bays.
    ● VNA racking optimizes the building cube by making better use of space in high places.
    ● Very narrow aisle provides a flexible solution with easy assembly, disassembly and adjustment of load levels, thus it allows the operation to adapt to changes in storage requirements.
    ● Ultra-narrow aisle pallet racking is suitable for any type of goods, by weight or volume.
    ● VNA allows pallets to be stored on the floor at the lowest level of the rack.
    ● VNA also allows the conversion of ultra-narrow aisle pallet racking systems to automated storage systems.




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